California Notary Mentor

Your Notary Mentor: R. L. ‘Bobbi’ Scherrer

Ms. Scherrer has been a Notary Public since 1987. As her student, she is available to you by phone, to ask questions, receive instructions, and answers to many of the questions and details that may come up once you begin your profession as a Notary Public.

She has been a mentor to many Notary Public students. To establish a mentorship you must phone or Email Ms. Scherrer to make arrangements. Sometimes the meeting will be in a coffee shop or at her office. The Notary Public mentor process usually takes a few hours.

Ms. Scherrer does not provide certification for Notary Signing Agents. She does recommend She will also provide mentoring for that process once completed.

Notary of the Year 1995 Roberta Scherrer

California Notary Mentor Options

General Knowledge Mentoring

When you are a Commissioned Notary Public, you will be presented with various documents. You can call and ask specific questions about what to do when you are face to face with a client and have asked to scan and send me the document so we can discuss an unusual document and perform your notarization accurately. I recommend that you perform at least 50 to 100 general Notary Public signings before becoming a Notary Signing Agent.

Notary Signing Agent Mentoring

Once you have completed your Notary Signing Agent (NSA) training, you will be ready to sign financial documents affecting people’s homes and businesses. I prefer to meet with the NSA directly not by phone. We can go over sample closing documents, discuss unusual ones that may pop up. I do encourage small groups for this as each one will have different questions and thereby learn from each other.

Marketing Mentoring

You are now a Notary Public, and maybe an NSA, so how do you tell people you are available. You will need to learn how to create a Business Card, a Notary Sign, a Sales Sheet, Places to present your card, and getting known in your community. If you are working for a business, you could ask to put your Notary Public sign in their window. If you are in a Professional Relationship with your employer, you could make appointments for after-work hours for outside notarizations. Marketing Mentoring is held in small classes.