About Ms Notary

Your Instructor: R. L. ‘Bobbi’ Scherrer

Hello, I am the woman behind “Ms. Notary.” In 2005, when the State of California mandated that California Notaries Public take a 6-hour class, I was ready. I was already teaching the 6-hour class as a Certified Law Instructor for the National Notary Association. I applied to the state to teach and became the 57th instructor to be approved by the California Secretary of State. 


I have proudly served as a Commissioned Notary Public continuously since 1987.  That experience brings to the class actual face-to-face knowledge, providing students with real understanding about the best Generally Accepted Practices of performing a notarization.


My mission is to teach you to think like a Notary Public.


I have worked with seniors, the deaf, blind, and many others with challenges to signing documents, performing notarizations in cars, homes, offices, hospitals, rehabilitation centers, jails, prisons, and more. Each person or location requires special ways of handling the notarization process. 

The high moment in my Notary life came in 1995, when the National Notary Association honored me with “Notary of the Year” from among 4.5 million notaries nationwide. As I served clients, I saw the need for seniors, who had stopped driving, to have valid identification. I convinced the DMV to bring their computers, cameras and personnel to Senior Residences throughout Stanislaus County, to provide Senior Identification cards which Notaries need to process their documents. At the time the cost was $3.00. Once the DMV saw how important a Senior ID was in the lives of seniors, they made the ID card FREE for those over 62.


Professionally, I have testified before legislative committees both supporting and objecting to laws. We need to know why a law is created and how we can help make changes to the laws that govern us, and I have appeared in court numerous times as an Expert Witness. 

I have also been a mentor to many Notary Public students. To establish a mentorship you must phone or email me to make arrangements. Sometimes the meeting will be in a coffee shop or at my office. The Notary Public mentor process usually takes a few hours and there are a variety of specialties we can work on. These range from specific types of document management to knowledge on how to market yourself as a notary.