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Modesto CA Notary Public Class and Exam01-12-2019 is designed to help Notaries Public locate classes that are informative, proper and professional in content and training. After the required 6-hour Notary Public class the state proctored Exam follows immediately after the class. The exam is also available to former students and renewing Notaries who wish to take it. It is important to contact prior to the class so their name can be added to the Roster and verify space is available. California needs well trained Notaries Public. There are 3 other Notary Public classes that would be most helpful in creating a new profession as well.

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What is a Notary
A Notary Public is a person of proven integrity commissioned (licensed) by the Secretary of State to identify signers, certify the authenticity of signatures (match signature to identification) on legal documents, administer oaths/affirmations, and perform other official administrative duties authorized by law.

Why Are Documents Notarized?
Documents are notarized to help detect and deter fraud. By properly identifying a document signer by using acceptable identification and comparing the signature on the document to the signature on the identification presented, this process helps to ensure proper execution of the documents to confirm they are signed correctly. It is the responsibility of the commissioned(licensed) notary public to make sure that the signer is knowingly and willing able to sign the document requiring notarization, and has personally appeared before the notary. The signer must also produce proper identification.